No needles. pain. downtime.

What is XO Rejuv™ and why is it different?

XO Rejuv™ is an innovative and unique skin rejuvenation procedure completed in your practitioner’s office offering exceptional results, without needles, pain or downtime.

What sets XO Rejuv™ apart is the addition of the DermoElectroPoration System®– a Class II FDA cleared biophysical alternative to infuse high weight molecule modalities into the dermis without the use of needles.

Exosomes have been shown to stimulate the production of collagen and other extracellular matrix components, improving the skin’s texture, elasticity and overall youthful appearance. By properly placing the exosomes into the reticular dermis layer of the skin with the DEP, the exosomes are at their fullest potential for renewing and rejuvenating the skin.

Triple Board Certified and nationally known plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Chernoff states, “We have shown that DEP exosome delivery improved the tone, quality and clarity of skin with a reduction in wrinkles, pores, oiliness, pigmentation and an improvement in evenness and vascularity of tissue.” 

Read more about his study below.

Before and After

24 Hours Post Treatment
1 Week Post Treatment
1 week Post 2nd Treatment
48 hours Post 4th Treatment
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Untouched photos. Real patient. 

“First of all I NEVER agree to have my procedure pictures posted on a website but here I am breaking my rules because I feel like I FINALLY found the rejuvenation treatment for me! I’ve been burned so many times with expensive procedures that likely have photo-shopped before and after pics and I fall for it every time. I’ve had bad chemical peels which left me disfigured, Ultherapy which was beyond painful and left me with thin skin on my forehead, nevermind that the practitioner forgot to do even passes leaving my face lopsided. Then I’ve tried to fix that issue with Botox but experienced horrible facial drooping so I stopped trying to fix it. Fillers always left me looking overfilled and unnatural.

Regardless of the tens of thousands of dollars on all things related to my face, I got to a point where I gave up on all procedures out of frustration from my results. That is until I discovered the XO Rejuv Facial. I’ll admit I was quite dubious at first based on my past experiences, but thankfully that has changed within a short amount of time. It’s been less than a week and I’m in awe of what I see in the mirror and know this will be the facial I’ll be doing moving forward!”

Jennifer Hnat, RDN

What is the process for XO Rejuv™ ?

Thoroughly cleanse the face.

Exfoliate the epidermidis, either chemically or mechanically

Re-clean the face of any leftover material from exfoliation.

Apply a light coat of nitric oxide and 3mL’s of exosomes onto the exfoliated dermis.

Utilizing the DEP infuse the applied product into the Reticular Dermis.

No needles, no pain, no downtime.  Improved tone, tightness and polished skin.​

Read Dr. Chernoff's study:
The Utilization of Human Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes in Aging Skin: An Investigational Pilot Study

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